Psalm 23

Walking through the dark valley of the shadow does not sound so bad if You are with me
But O I underestimated the thick, impenetrable blackness 
and swirling confusion of that valley.
The gut-wrenching shock - how did I get here?
No road back. 
I stumble though this strange land
Every tragedy that ever assailed me seems to return
And here I am stuck, red eyes awake
Heart shaking
Dreading the unknown path ahead...scared, if I am honest.

Fear not, child. I am with you.
I will never NEVER leave you alone.
I am not the author of confusion
I am close beside in that valley I myself traversed.

I WILL restore your soul
It may take time but let us journey.
The wind of my spirit will lift the chaotic clouds of confusion
And you will find that there are
Green pastures, 
and still waters.
Places of peace 
for you to find.
I will renew your strength

A shepherd has eyes only for the sheep
And I am a good shepherd 
I will not allow you to stay lost and confused
My comfort and anointing are here for you.
I will prepare such a feast for you
The enemy who watches will flee in confusion
As I reveal my favour, sacrifice and goodness.

I would like you to trust.
But whether you do or whether you don’t 
Or perhaps just some of the time
My love is unfailing.
I am with you.