The joyous wedding
Marital bliss
Longed for as a child, it became yours.
Life looking good

Except the womb lay empty
And until your husband snatched away.

Seven years of almost perfect 
Enough memories to tear at your heart
As now you slept alone.
And who would want a barren woman as a wife?

So what to do? And how to live?
A decision. 
A step made in the direction of the temple.
A life dedicated to quiet service
To cleaning and candle lighting
To prayer and worship
A friend of God
And not abandoning hope.

Seventy seven long years
Living in God’s presence
Sleeping in His temple
Knowing Him
Speaking his words.
Childless you remained 

Until a suddenly when
The Child was here and
Placed in your arms.

As you had entrusted your life, your self to Him
So He came to You and placed himself in Your arms.

A glorious eternal moment
When God lay in your arms and looked you in the eyes.

The arms that had been empty
Now full.
Love was yours. Forever.