Dance of the Trinity

In the beginning
Before heaven was.
Before earth was formless -

There you are
Father, Son and Spirit Holy
Three in one 
The sacred dance

And In the end
At earths destruction 
Beyond the days of
new heaven and new earth
There you are, dancing still

Unimaginably timeless
The dance of love goes on
Graceful and fluid,
Majestic and lovely,
Flowing like water
Intensely intricate 
Entwining and joyful.

It is hard to see where one person ends
And another begins
Father, Son and Spirit Holy.

And mystery of mysteries
You bid us come.

Spirit draws us, Son takes us
In nail pierced hands
And presents us to the Father.

And we are caught up in the holy dance 
The eternal relationship of love
Which knows no beginning and no end.

What a privilege to be 
Caught up in you
And the rhythm of eternal communion
As we spin and sway and move
to the music of grace
With Father, Son and Spirit Holy.


Hopeless and weary, yet still
Our love for him drew us to the place where he lay
Braving the knowledge that the guards would still be there
Despite the finality of death, we had to see
even his grave
one more time.

The earth shook as we approached.

We shook, too.
Though we had thought that those last dark days had wrung out every last emotion,
We found we were wrong
but still our love drew us.

A light too bright to look into
Words issued by an angel
Words too bright to believe entirely
but unbidden, a strange forgotten joy was birthed. It was hope.

We ran. We ran to call the others, but stopped in our tracks.

He was there. Radiant.
“Greetings” he said.


Are those words from beyond the grave…….? “Greetings”
even now it makes me laugh.

And we who had thought to never feel again
were filled with joy.
Laughter spilled out, love overflowed, struck down with awe we lay flat
and clutched at his feet with love whilst we could barely breathe.

“Fear not” so gentle his words that banished fear forever.
and now we could let him go
For we knew he would never leave us again.

The Second Day

The second day

was a day when you were gone.
No gospels written then
The certainty of victory concealed
in mystery.

The second day

smelt of bloodshed
and dirty linen used to wash thy torn pure form
lay soaking in a bowl.

The second day

we were bereft and weeping.
No comforter then.
I turned to a friend for a hug and a smile
but saw only pain.

The second day

we waited….

and you loved us too much
to leave us there
in the bleak darkness
hopeless and lost
for more than a day.


oops – forgot to post yesterday, so two offerings today. Here we are, Good Friday, remembering the darkest of days. We know the events through the bible and with hindsight. I cannot imagine how the mother of Jesus, or his friends felt at the crucifixion, not knowing what would follow.

I watched a much loved sister die over a relatively short period of time a few years ago. Sitting at her bedside, watching her lovely face grow thinner, seeing her slipping away in front of my eyes, was agonising. Yet I kept thinking about Mary, watching Jesus die before her eyes, an unimaginably more painful death with no pain relief, no nurses, and so alone.

He would have been naked, exposed, his skin gouged, his face beaten…publicly derided and humiliated. I cannot imagine watching that happen to a much loved son, to someone you loved more than yourself.

The Death
Mary watched and wept
as the torture proceeded
not knowing that each and every
savage, painful moment

drew You closer to home
to the place where
tears are tenderly wiped away
and glory is inhaled with every breath.

Every step on the highway to death
forged a path to a life that will never perish.

And when deepest blackness
darkened the sky
and utter bleakness
stole Your soul
that was the last grasp of evil’s fingers upon You.

Never again can the tentacles of death
trap those in whom Your Spirit inhabits.

For we are free
and more alive than we will ever know
even while we die.

I will fear no evil. For the Good Shepherd is by my side.
Father forgive them, they know not what they do

The only certainty more sure
than our past, present and future
of God

open arms
to the killers.


Here Jesus prayed.

Facing the unknown, when you are about to approach something difficult, be it a parting, a difficult journey, or a course of unpleasant medical treatment, is difficult. It would be much harder to face these same things, whilst knowing fully what they would entail. Which of us has not said at some time ‘if I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t come this way’.

I believe Jesus knew what lay ahead. He knew that betrayal, torment, agony and death were coming. For the person of God to ‘become sin’ – this too, lay ahead, and is a darkness beyond our understanding, yet he walked into that too, with eyes open. Jesus knew what would happen, why else would he pray, ‘If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me.’

Is there anything on this earth that can console a person in such grief, facing the loss of body, soul and spirit? Perhaps only not to face it alone. Yet that was the point at which Jesus’s friends slept. Those same friends whom he had nurtured, taught and loved for 3 years. those same friends would flee, leaving him to face the terror alone.

How did You feel?
You told them you were going
You told them they would grieve.
Were you hinting when You said 
“a time is coming when I will not pray for you, 
you can pray yourselves.”

You reminded them of their love for You.
You told them that You were going.
You said they would be scattered
But that You, Jesus
would be
all alone

WHY didn’t they pray for You Jesus?
For Heaven’s sake
they could not even stay awake
To be with You
While Your anguished soul cried out

Grief is a lonely place.
You alone are there.


How easily the word Forgiveness trips off my tongue. Yet as I consider the depth of the betrayal of Jesus and the agony of the cross, the grace of His quiet forgiveness strikes me anew. How quick I am to take offence if I feel slightly ignored or badly treated by people I don’t know, let alone by friends. Yet He foreknew what would happen, and did not forbid Judas to come to the last supper or turn away from the fake kiss.


With Easter almost upon us, I plan to put something up daily regarding the week on the Passion of Christ. Please ignore the timeline – like the bible, I will jump around the timeline a bit.

Today reflecting on people Jesus loved. Mary, the disciples, and us.