Dance of the Trinity

In the beginning
Before heaven was.
Before earth was formless -

There you are
Father, Son and Spirit Holy
Three in one 
The sacred dance

And In the end
At earths destruction 
Beyond the days of
new heaven and new earth
There you are, dancing still

Unimaginably timeless
The dance of love goes on
Graceful and fluid,
Majestic and lovely,
Flowing like water
Intensely intricate 
Entwining and joyful.

It is hard to see where one person ends
And another begins
Father, Son and Spirit Holy.

And mystery of mysteries
You bid us come.

Spirit draws us, Son takes us
In nail pierced hands
And presents us to the Father.

And we are caught up in the holy dance 
The eternal relationship of love
Which knows no beginning and no end.

What a privilege to be 
Caught up in you
And the rhythm of eternal communion
As we spin and sway and move
to the music of grace
With Father, Son and Spirit Holy.

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