It has been 9 months since I’ve written here. An interesting time frame. Perhaps something has been incubating and maturing, growing within, in a hidden place, unable to shared until it is ready to be born.

For now, the rich simplicity of the Christmas message has struck me anew.


God with us. God came to us. In so many ways:
to Mary as a prophetic declaration 
A promise and plan beyond her wildest dreams with a reassurance
- Fear not, you have found favour - 
to Joseph in dreams with instructions
to Elizabeth as a leap of joy within
to Herod as a threat
to Bethlehem as someone needing a room
to Shepherds as a glorious, joyful host of angels
to wise men as a light in the dark
to Simeon and Anna as a promise fulfilled.
to earth as a new Hope, a Promise, a Grace, an Open Door to Eternity.

How will I receive him?
Come, Lord Jesus, Come.