Life is in you.

Known, loved and chosen
before the world was formed
You were held and moulded
in the Father’s hands.
Eternity was placed
tenderly, carefully
into your deepest parts.

What is this eternal life?
To know Him. Father. Son. Holy Spirit.
This journey you thought you had chosen
Had chosen you. Forever.

Do not lose heart, dear one.
you cannot lose this gift of Life
This knowing of Him.
You are entwined and should your grasp fail
He still holds you.
You cannot be snatched away.

Though outwardly, things are lost
Inwardly LIFE is renewed daily
whether felt or not.
This knowing of Him, expanding like the universe.

Suffering casts a shadow
strangely like a cross over you
and takes you to Him
who seemed to lose His life
yet gained a resurrection
a victory, a family, you and me.

The King of eternity has claimed us
Life is yours. And mine.
All will be well.

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