Beach Walk

Today I walked on the beach. I was struck by how much more beautiful the pebbles and shells were when wet. Also that shells/pebbles out further on the sand bank were covered more deeply by the sea and for longer and stood out in their solitary beauty, rather than the shells on the shingle which got lost in the crowd.

It spoke to me about how I need to wet, how I need to be unafraid of being out further, and alone. There were footprints in the sane even far onto the sandbank. He is always with me.

I don’t need to strive to get or stay wet, I just need to be still and let the tide wash over me. He will polish and shape me with His waves if I choose to stay and simply be.



A man being crucified

What do you see?
So many seeing different things:

A mother weeping for her son
The crowds jeering at a con man
another deadbeat dying
The rabbis see a blasphemer getting his just rewards
And fold their arms in satisfaction 
The Romans see a rabble rouser put down
And heave sighs of relief
His friends see the end of their dreams
Confusion and grief in their hearts
Or 30 pieces of silver in their pocket
The women weep.
Some see a fellow convict
Refusing to curse and die.
Pilate sees a mystery.
His enemies see revenge satisfied 
The disinterested see just another day
The soldiers see just another criminal
Too late they see that
Truly this is the son of God

Who sees the opened armed sacrifice
being made for all men and all salvation?
Abundant life poured out
In blood and tears
At the place of the skull for us

After the stench of torture and death
Comes a fragrance of life
Doors flung open to eternity
For all who chose to follow
Who sees?

Surrounded by people
Your greatest victory was born in solitude and pain
Father forgive us, we know not what we do.