A whisper in the wind
of a long forgotten word.

A concept
That things could get better.
Tentatively we dare to ask for

And as we hear your words of love
Of a kingdom far from here
yet at hand.
A place where tears will cease
Not ‘over the rainbow’
but covenant promise, nonetheless.

We dare to nudge each other
in the face of disasters and sickness,
wars and quakes, floods and death –
We look into each others eyes and declare it:

And as sure as Jesus on that cross
promising the man who could do nothing to save himself
‘Today, you will be with me in Paradise’ –
the word rings true.
Resonating in trusting heart.

And now like Andrew and John
barely daring to believe, to hope
we run, full pelt to empty tomb.
A risen Christ
Still loving, still promising
Our living Hope

A strong, sure, and certain


Why we sing

At church this week, someone asked ‘why do we sing?’

These are my thoughts:

In the beginning was the word.

The Father spoke it
And Jesus came, and shared the word
Bringing it to earth in human form,
And the Spirit set the word to music

And the everlasting song was sung:
‘Holy holy holy’ the song in heaven
‘Holy holy holy’ we sing on earth

The bride singing with the groom.

And the Father, loving the song
Said to his Servants, write down a song or two
In my everlasting script.
So they started to write
And couldn’t stop until the book of songs had 150 of them
And still new ones being sung on heaven and earth

For the song is in His heart, like His love it has no end.

We sing a new song, a song of his love
And He sings songs of deliverance over us

songs of joy, songs of everlasting love
songs of freedom, listen, and you hear our chains fall, broken to the floor.

How can we not sing?….
Come let us join heaven’s song…and sing.