God sees you

Do not chase after fame or riches or things
that may make you feel important.

Do not fret over the moments, days or weeks
when you may feel friendless.

Do not serve motivated by the need
for recognition.

Do not stand in line to speak with leaders
Or sit in front of ‘prophetic ministries’
longing to be picked out
so that you may receive a word from God. 

And if you must name-drop
Why not drop My name into your day

King of Kings
Friend of Sinners
Lily of the Valley
Bright and Morning Star
Light of the world
Good shepherd
Lion of Judah
Lamb that was slain
Your Prophet
Your Peace
Your friend

Emmanuel - God with you

Drop My Name into your heart and your days
Sit under My throne
Receive a word direct from My mouth
spoken by My Spirit
I will make you rich with the things that truly matter
that never perish.

And always know
I AM the God who sees you.


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