Something God loves

Let me tell you about true faith.

Standing in the dark,
not knowing if I Am with you.
Feeling the poverty of your prayer life
Wondering where I went.
Wondering if I Am?
So many questions.
A miracle would be good
but since there is none
Still you put one foot in front of another
Still the ember glows in your heart
Still you help, you give out, you love.
This is faith.

“Oh but it isn’t love” I hear you say,
“I just do stuff ‘cos it needs doing.
“If I didn’t, who would?”
So you carry on
caring for the helpless,
Not seeing that as you wash their feet,
you wash mine.
You argue that your lack of feeling
means you love less.

No child, the lack of feeling
means you love more
for you are still there. Caring.

You stand on Sunday,
Barely able to sing, your heart in your boots.
But the song of your caring deeds
is sung in my Presence.
Beautiful worship.

This season will not last forever.
Your service honours me and is done unto me.

Those who honour me in this way, I will honour.

Child of faith
Child of worship
Child of love


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