Beauty Calls

‘See me’
she cries in all her glory
as sunset glides through golds and pinks
leaving purple haze and peace.
“I’m here” - a whisper
her voice barely dusting the still lake.

Beauty calls
through artists, poets and kind deeds
of broken humanity.

Hear her voice, or his, 
through enduring love 
and sacrifices, great and small.

She calls us to He who made it all.
Magnificent Creator
who painted the greatest beauty

in the ugly-skull-place
Blood dripping down roughly hewn wood.
Hatred unable to stifle Love
pouring from the broken body,
the ultimate sacrifice

given to draw us into the eternal dance
in divine union
past visible horizons.

Beauty calls...
Take the outstretched, scarred hand
and join the dance
and the kingdom, where unending beauty dwells.

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