The Queen

The view of her kingdom dimmed
A last breath sighed, and her spirit left this earth.

In another kingdom, trumpets sounded, and flags unfurled
As a King stepped forward to greet a queen

Even as sadness rolled over these lands
Rainbows were placed by a King’s scarred hands
Gracing her palaces, her homes no more
But honouring that life so faith-filled and sure. 

A blessing from Jesus
A reminder perhaps 
Of his honour and promise
that never fails. 

That resurrection life
Follows death.

And a first breath is taken
In a new kingdom.
Eternal love greets you, Elizabeth

Worry (Isaiah 26:3)

I’m a Christian so I’m not worried.

This weight on my shoulders is “godly concern”
“a Christian burden for world suffering” 
“desire for my loved ones to have a good future”

Or perhaps they are nicer sounding words for ‘worry.’

But then the world is burning, or drowning
and how will I afford to eat or heat
with food and fuel prices sky-rocketing.
And what of sickness and frailty?
The NHS is broken,
how can I care for loved ones?
What of the depressed and desperate?
What of wars?
Some problems are unfixable even with riches.
What can I do but worry?

Oh Lord 
This mind that tries to fathom mysteries
This heart that wants to fix all pain
This desire to control
or at least see the future - prophetically, of course!

All these things vie with simple trust.

Help me trust
like a child, knowing their loving parent has the answers
and will fix all things when the time is right.
Like a child who does not fret
about past or future
but plays, lives and loves in the moment.

Your words
“consider the lilies…”
echo across the world
past stoppered ears who prefer cash in hand
to trusting your bounty.

Be still, my frantic mind.

Teach me to breath slow
to live in the moment
and set my mind on you.

that the promised gift
of Peace
may come.