Love came

My head does not easily separate Christmas from Easter. Christmas – the season of giving – reflects that he came to give himself, both in life and in death, and therefore is viewed in the shadow of the cross. The open stable foreshadows the open tomb. He emerged from both of these hidden places, very much alive. So no apologies for a Christmas poem that sounds more like Easter:

Did love ever look so real?

Yes, there it is in carefully crafted creation
There it is in a mother's eyes when her baby is born
Seeing the riches born in poverty.

There is love
In grandparents eagerly awaiting their children
in anticipation of embracing the newborn.

There is love in gifts given, in friends, in words spoken, in acts of kindness

But did love ever look so real

As it did on that hot hill of agony
As blood fell from your broken body
Weighed down willingly with my sin
As you relinquished life just to bring me -  and you - and all mankind who were willing to come -  home for ever?

Did love ever look so real

As you whispered to those who killed you
Father forgive them, they do not know what they do?

As you promised to a dying man
Today you will be with me in paradise?

As you cried
It is finished, that cry of love which echoes round the world, breaking the power of darkness?

Did love ever look so real
As you reached out your crucified arms
To embrace the world?

Did love ever look so real as Jesus?

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