Where are you in the Christ Cycle?

A slightly different blog today, after a bit of a break I present you with a three-course meal! Take your time…

I got completely taken up over Easter with considering the events of Jesus’s last week – in particular Gethsemene, The Crucifixion, Death, Burial and Resurrection. I was struck by how parts of our lives can fit into this cycle. It inspired the poetry below.

If you wish to expand on that thought, take a listen to a talk I recently gave here https://beaconchurchhavant.org.uk/sundays/messages/ (the notes can also be downloaded)

Where are you?

1. Gethsemene
Are you in the garden?

The peaceful garden that silently threatens to crush you?

Are you, even now, wrestling with Mighty Self?
The unending desire to do your own thing
The laying down of Will
even though, the road ahead looks painful.

Do you pray for mercy whilst friends sleep unaware?

Fear not. 

He was here first.
He wrestled harder, was more betrayed than you ever will be.
Faced a harder road than you will.
Was more alone than any person, before or since.

He is here, with you, praying for you whilst others sleep.

Why not say with him, 
‘not my will, but Yours be done’
and take his yoke upon you?
2. The Cross

Or are you on that cross?

Endlessly slogging through pain
physical, mental, spiritual
with no one understanding.

Friends flee before suffering too large to comprehend.

Those you love most
look on helplessly
their agony a mirror of your own.

But He is here too
Paying for your healing with blood.
Promising Paradise for those who turn to Him. Today.
3. The Death

Has death come to visit
snatching away your dreams, your loves, your people?
Have you given up?
Finally relinquished every piece of control
The struggle too hard.

Hope dies -
or is the cry ‘it is finished!’
A shout of achievement?

Nothing more to do but wait in the mystery. 
He too, was here first.
4. The Tomb

A dark place of burial.
Is there where you are, in the silence?
Dreams dead, even God seeming to be absent?

He is not absent - 
just hidden in the shroud
Waiting for New Life to come. 
It will come, He has ensured that.
Trust. Weep. And trust.

Rest still in silent darkness. 
Be at peace with inactivity.
He is here
Working in depths unseen.
5. Alive

The tomb shakes
The stone is rolled away
Light bursts in and around.

Angels are present.
The air throbs with new life.

Jesus himself
looking strangely like a gardener 
is nearby waiting to embrace.

Don’t hold on to him too hard, or wait here too long
For a whole new life is waiting for you.

A blinding revelation makes sense of everything
and fills you with joy overflowing.

Is this where you are?

Others are waiting.
Run to them now, with resurrection tales
and tidings of great joy

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