Poem cards are postcard sized with a picture and poem. The back is blank for your own use.

They are available to buy for 40p each  plus postage cost although a few are now out of print. Order by title or number by emailing me at writethelove@sky.com

  1. The first ever: Potter and the Clay the potter & the clay
  2. Desert Beautydesert beauty
  3. Riverriver
  4. Still WatersStill waters 2
  5. Lion of Judahlion of judah
  6. Sit with Mesit with me
  7. Cloudsclouds
  8. Glory of the skiesGlory of the skies
  9. Song of Songs (out of print)song of songs
  10. Wavethe wave
  11. The Gardenthe garden
  12. Bruised Reedbruised reed
  13. Prayer WarfarePrayer warfare 2
  14. Like a Childlike a child
  15. Your Kingdom Comeyour kingdom come
  16. Sunrisesunrise
  17. Easter ThoughtsEaster thoughts
  18. Heavenly PlacesHeavenly places
  19. Stormstorm
  20. EstherEsther
  21. His Joyhis joy
  22. Thank youthank you
  23. Little Ember (out of print)little ember
  24. StarChristmas
  25. RevelationRevelation
  26. Jesus Weptjesus wept
  27. Blessingblessings
  28. Treasure (out of print)treasure
  29. Bride (out of print) bride
  30. Palmspalms
  31. Feastfeast
  32. Sonshinesonshine
  33. New Dawnnew dawn
  34. Immanuelimmanuel
  35. Vineyardvineyard
  36. Crosscross
  37. Rejoicerejoice
  38. Hold onholdon
  39. Lest I forget (out of print) – NB Due to the amount of words on this one, it was only ever available as a large card (£1). Do make a re-order cost-effective I would need demand for over 20 of theselest we forget
  40. Quiet Timequiettime
  41. Walk on Waterwalk on water
  42. Sandsand