Gospel Glimpses from the Heart

2015-12-26 08.48.44by Emma Bunday


Gospel Glimpses from the heart is just that – I have taken familiar stories, spent time and prayer contemplating them, and then re-written them from different angles. I am not trying to ‘improve’ upon the word of God. I just felt that sometimes a lifetime’s familiarity can deprive us of the wonder of what is was like to be there, to see Jesus in the flesh in a real world. The stories in the Bible are sometimes very short, and I have used my imagination to ‘flesh out’ some of the characters there.

See Jesus through Martha’s eyes. Meet Zacchaeus’s next door neighbour. Find out what happened to the children Jesus blessed. Catch glimpses of angels. Meet Jesus afresh through prose poetry and meditations.

Dig deeper. See further. Soar higher.

The book can be bought through or (if USA)- just search for it by name.

Alternatively – if you want a signed copy, contact me at and I can sell direct to the UK for £6.00 +£2.00 p&p

It is 230 pages long with 18 original stories.

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This is a collection of stories based on the Gospels interspersed with thoughtful poems.
I was very taken with Gospel Glimpses From the Heart right from the start. I have read, and appreciated, others where the author imagined how it had been for a character in the Bible, but this book was special for me. Emma’s imagination fitted well with my own, not that I could have thought these stories out for myself! The people she has chosen to write about, the named ones and the others who were just known or imagined to be there in a story, came alive for me and brought the figure and person of our Lord present to me in a very special way. Not just the stories but the poems touched my heart. I found I had to read an item at a time, then pause and spend time in thought and prayer. I am sure that is what Emma hoped and it certainly worked like that for me. I shall certainly be reading it again.

Reviewed by Mary Bartholomew, – 04/10/11

Comments on the book…

“If I had the gift of writing, yours is the book I would like to have written” – Sister Jackie Smith, St Paul’s Convent, Birmingham

“I have been reading some of your book to Emily (our eldest, 8yrs). She has been captivated. It’s fantastic. :)” – Dawn Holloway, London

“What an AMAZING collection of God-inspired words. I was truly touched by so many of the stories, in fact a number of them had me in tears.” – Sue Shore, Hampshire




Explore a treasure chest of short stories which imagine humanity from a heavenly perspective. Examine themes of brokenness, vulnerability, joy, redemption and love. These are modern tales of transformation to captivate and inspire.