Here Jesus prayed.

Facing the unknown, when you are about to approach something difficult, be it a parting, a difficult journey, or a course of unpleasant medical treatment, is difficult. It would be much harder to face these same things, whilst knowing fully what they would entail. Which of us has not said at some time ‘if I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t come this way’.

I believe Jesus knew what lay ahead. He knew that betrayal, torment, agony and death were coming. For the person of God to ‘become sin’ – this too, lay ahead, and is a darkness beyond our understanding, yet he walked into that too, with eyes open. Jesus knew what would happen, why else would he pray, ‘If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me.’

Is there anything on this earth that can console a person in such grief, facing the loss of body, soul and spirit? Perhaps only not to face it alone. Yet that was the point at which Jesus’s friends slept. Those same friends whom he had nurtured, taught and loved for 3 years. those same friends would flee, leaving him to face the terror alone.

How did You feel?
You told them you were going
You told them they would grieve.
Were you hinting when You said 
“a time is coming when I will not pray for you, 
you can pray yourselves.”

You reminded them of their love for You.
You told them that You were going.
You said they would be scattered
But that You, Jesus
would be
all alone

WHY didn’t they pray for You Jesus?
For Heaven’s sake
they could not even stay awake
To be with You
While Your anguished soul cried out

Grief is a lonely place.
You alone are there.

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