Who holds who?

Picture by Sr Jackie Smith
 Happy Holidays
 Winter Wishes
 ’Tis the holiday season
 The Festival of Light.
 When and Why
 did the word ‘Christmas’
 become such a threat?
 A word to be avoided?
 Why do we take offence
 at the sight of a baby?
 Poor, conceived out of wedlock 
 When I enter the darkness of the stable
 I see little.
 No tinsel here.
 Yet I am drawn to the scene.
 This babe in whom all our hopes rest
 The mother lifts him and gestures.
 I draw near and he is placed
 into my waiting arms.
 Just a baby
 a chubby arm flails up and meets my cheek.
 holding him a wave of love consumes me.
 For somehow, he is mine own.
 This child will live and grow
 and die and live and be mine. forever.
 What comfort to hold him
 knowing this is so.
 Here I can leave my pain
 My disappointments 
 My grief.
 The Christ Child will take them all
 and remain with me

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